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Hi, I’m Laurie S. Perrin, MD, board certified physician in OB/GYN, pediatric and adolescent gynecology, as well as Lifestyle Medicine.

At SNS360 we utilize evidence-based approaches and human coaching to build sustainable, long lasting habits. We do this by grasping onto, and building upon, your urge to change — slowly and steadily.

SNS360 is accessible to everyone. Our philosophy is based on five habitual practices with three basic steps: learn a new habit, practice it, and make it a part of your everyday life.

By choosing to intentionally fuel your body with healthy foods at particular intervals, eating has a purposeful rhythm. You’ll be hooked in no time and amazed by how you feel!

Most individuals that are eating clean don’t refer to their habits as a “diet.” Rather, they have a “healthy lifestyle” — and eating clean is an important part of it. At SNS360, we believe that while fad diets come and go, clean eating is here to stay.

Recent Recipes:

More SNS recipes available in the Recipe Box.

Check out this 20 minute full body workout for FREE
Watch this 3 minute video where Laurie S. Perrin MD discusses the benefits of HIIT workouts including their effect on longevity
Check out this 20 minute full body workout for FREE

In-person HIIT classes are on hold for now due to scheduling conflicts and weather changes. Winter Zoom HIIT classes will be offered throughout the winter months, more to come.

Check out the SNS360 YouTube Channel for our free library of classes.

Yoga is a form of meditation with focused movement and breathing exercises. Its benefits are numerous, but one thing is clear — when yoga becomes a regular habit, it can transform your life. 

Your breath is meditation. It’s a bridge between the body and mind.

Take Pause. This has become a new motto of mine recently. One that has taken me years to learn and ironically (or not) is proving to be invaluable. It’s so easy to react. To respond immediately. Our whole society is based on immediate gratification nowadays. There is pressure to be immediately available to respond at a moment’s notice. Yet there is much to be said for taking time to stop and think. To consider how you want to respond, if you want to respond. Take a moment to be thoughtful. Think about what you want to say. What you want to do. Who you want to be.

SNS360: Get in the know

We want you to help you live your healthiest life possible! To learn more about SNS360 and get free motivational information, enter your information here. You can expect:

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“The weight loss has been a big plus of living the SNS lifestyle but I’ve noticed other changes too. My eczema is gone, PCOS has improved, and I am sleeping so much better. I no longer need coffee to start my day! ”


“I have been sugar free since the August Beyond Sugar Challenge! I have not reintroduced any sugar back into my diet, have much more energy and no longer crave sugar. I couldn’t have done it without your daily emails.”

~ Sara

“What a great program! I’ve noticed my overall health has drastically improved with the long term lifestyle changes you’ve help me implement. I am feeling better and hope to age more gracefully.”

~ 6-month program clients